The Other Side of Childhood

The other side of childhood Affection, memory and joy are genuine and spontaneous forms of manifestation of freedom of bodies. In the year of 2019 a new “bad looking” record of deaths in favelas was achieved, caused mainly by the constant confrontation and violence politics inflicted by the Brazilian state.

Fun and culture spaces are being neglected, where it is possible to see almost on a daily basis attempts to censure and erase culture manifestations.

The Other Side of Childhood series rescues memories of the poor neighbourhoods experience, with games, relaxation and movement common to the experience of the Brazilian youth, projecting a possible alternative for all black youths who are vulnerable to this reality.

Stylist: @maribruxa_ & @afroamericanime
Beauty: @by.syloliveira @cristinapaixao29
Models: @ikarosantilhana, @kmariadl, @f_l_a_v_i_h, @vi_nas, @pedro.portella_, @mpbarros23@nandes.ff

Support by Silva Produtora & Of Color